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Work from home

"When I first started to work from home on The Internet, I stumbled around, made a lot of mistakes and chose the wrong programs. I was also too reluctant to invest in myself, and in my online business. I guess I had a few fears..."

"Later I saw that there's a huge learning curve. You have to read every word, test and experiment with your marketing efforts - and above all, buy the right software for the job
- - and never give up!"

"I had moderate success with MLM Network Marketing and made money online - a few hundred dollars.. then became a full-time Affiliate Marketer and started making thousands of export dollars. Each American dollar I made at first doubled into Australian dollars, back in 2001."

The niche you decide to work in, from your SOHO or small business office, home office is very important. Do your keyword research carefully before you select the marketing niche you want to sell to. Entrepreneurial skills like expert copywriting are really essential, too. Get yourself well trained for your Internet marketing business enterprise so that you are not wasting too much potentially profitable working time.

"Now my main Work from home passive, recurring, residual income earning is from Automatic Builder owned by Art Phelps. Art is a top sponsor and producer for the Nutronix company in Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA. He will show you how to leverage this home based business in terms of time, money and people's energy.

Art and his brother Rob Phelps have literally made millions of US dollars from the MLM Network Marketing industry over two decades - so they are best informed, experienced and equipped with the Automatic Builder system - to help you succeed - to help you meet your goals and to live your ultimate Work from home experience."

"You'll also be pleased to know that you can take a free trial of our entire international business system and test it out for yourself, as well as enjoying a Full 30 days of product samples on us."


Geoff Dodd
Perth, Australia 6172

P.S. "Where do you really want to be and how do you really want to feel 2 to 5 years from today? Think about your actions today. Then create your future with me."

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