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Then there's also, Brad Callen's Free Directory Submitter:-

The free version allows you to submit your web site semi automatically to 350 web directories - while the gold version, I believe, can now reach out to 2,200 web directories or more. These are real, .php based, human edited directories that Google approves of. You get a good response by email from the owners of these well designed web directories.

Basic Website Startup Requirements: Need to build a website that works?

Your site must be unique, reach good design standards and be original with your own registered domain name. It helps to have some PR in Google for ready acceptance by these web directory editors and moderators. They want uniqueness and quality in their directory listings today. For this you get enhanced link popularity for your website project. And that means higher rankings in all the major search engines. Remember - - Google is the one that counts!!

"This free software is a godsend for the small home based business entrepreneur today - - and even for medium-to-large business enterprises. Why? Because it was built with years of testing and experience behind it. The kind of tools you must have! I'm rapt." - But there's more freestuff...

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