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How can I increase my web site traffic without it costing an arm and a leg? How can I do this while still retaining a reasonable profit? This is the 64 thousand dollar question for every webmaster and fortunately we can offer you a dream solution to this problem! This very site map is built with Traffic Equalizer, designed to provide the small home based business with web traffic -matching that achieved by major corporations -but at a tiny fraction of their promotional budget.

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Named TrafficEqualizer, this new software can lift your home based business site's web traffic levels to 'equalize' you with major corporations -at a tiny fraction of their promotional budget.

"Traffic Equalizer will generate MORE targeted website traffic than you EVER imagined! I use it almost daily and I've now got 41,500 optimized pages working for me in the search engines! I wake up highly excited each day, because I'm getting more web results, sales, and signups than ever before!"

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You simply insert a batch of keywords, a destination web address, some text, and craft an ad, then click a button to generate 1,000 optimized web pages, or more, depending on your keyword list! It even helps you find hundreds of keenly sought keywords and key phrases that people use. Works exceptionally well with Google and the new Yahoo! spider. Click here to discover TrafficEqualizer NOW before your competition does!




2) How much does it cost?

The regular price is $147. This is a serious webmaster tool - and based on the high quality and the webtraffic results it consistently produces, I think it's a fantastic bargain. He could have charged $247, or even $497 (its true worth) and I'd still buy it. Its outstanding performance, effectiveness, and the time I'll save far outweigh any price tag. Look at how much those so-called Search Engine Optimization - SEO "experts" charge you...most of them charge anywhere from $500 - $5,000 for less output. You don't really need them if you have this TrafficEqualizer software in your home office PC tool-kit.

How fast is customer service? What kind of support will I get from Jeff Alderson if I have questions about the use of these incredible webmaster tools?

I personally have communicated with the author, Jeff Alderson, throughout the six months since I first purchased his traffic generating product TrafficEqualizer. So far I feel he's been very responsive, answering all my emails, and he's been very open to my web site optimization suggestions. By the way, in one of the emails he sent to one purchaser, he said: "I recently launched a dating review site. It had Zero traffic (a brand new site, not yet indexed by Google). Three months later it's up to 30,000/month!". Now that's something to write home about. I sure hope that my 16 sites can achieve that kind of success. With Jeff's help -no problem!

There is also a user support forum. I have seen lots of amazing success stories and much positive feedback on the TE forum. Jeff Alderson has been great answering everyone's questions and painstakingly providing help there. His highly personalised customer service is top class -like ALL his products..

How you can increase your web site traffic with TE



Resource site: Generate free traffic for home business article and techniques of the Super Affiliate Ewen Chia of Singapore. You'll get 3 ebooks here written by Ewen Chia outlining his tactics and techniques as well as about 10MB of Training Videos at no cost to you.

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