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Finally! Here are your Top 20 best small business ideas for beginners in 2016. Start a small business with low cost capital investment in 2016. Also, Subscribe to our young businessmen and women information and training resources  …

Business Ideas for Beginners


These money making ideas will evolve quickly towards your real goal of How To Become A Millionaire, Step-By-Step. NOT working part-time. That won’t cut it. Working full-time, then ALL the Time! That might mean working as much as 80 hours per week.


How To Become A Millionaire, Step-By-Step:



In the above, highly inspirational business video, Patrick Bet-David shares his personal formula on How to REALLY Become A Millionaire. Some workers and smart entrepreneurs might not agree with Patrick’s values or his insistence on working 80 hours per week. They tend to say, “work smarter, not harder..”

Well, the ability to start working smarter depends on circumstances. Imagine you are working in a high technology setting. You discover something that brings you extraordinary leverage in your industry. A shortcut. Let’s say, using artificial intelligence, or electronic robots. Once you’ve got your systems set up and working, you will find that you have more free time on your hands.

In this day and Age of Electronics, you will certainly discover hundreds of ways to ‘work smarter.’ More computer use. More sophisticated software. Automation. Outsourcing time-intensive tasks, such as graphic design and writing work. Writing of articles, instruction manuals, books, etc., can be delegated or even outsourced. Accounting and payroll, as well as HR, can be outsourced to specialists.

Beginners in 2016 and also in 2017 are clearly advised to ‘Think Big’ when starting a small business. You can make money online in a leveraged way on The Internet. Work smarter in 2016 by networking with other, more highly experienced Internet entrepreneurs. The five people you mix with the most will determine your financial results and outcomes with a certainty!

The best small business ideas will be scalable. You’ll be able to stretch and expand the model out to a million dollar per year turnover. That is exactly why I included this video by Patrick Bet-David, of Entrepreneur. Patrick generously shares his own, uniquely personal formula on How to Become A Millionaire.

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