A wide collection of The Top 30 best small business ideas for women & men in 2016. Best business ideas for small business startup in 2016. Read more for more juicy details …

The Top 30 Small Businesses for modern, Internet-connected men and women, include:

  • Dating services provider. Matching people, couples, or as an affiliate provider of same. People will always want to meet up and match with the opposite sex.
  • Weight loss clinic. There is an insatiable demand for metabolism-increasing stimulants, for diet plans, and for specialized, specific foods.
  • Exercise and fitness information and coaching.
  • Specialized online retail stores: electronics, mobile phones, beauty products, babywear and household goods, etc.
  • Home-based businesses: affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, and networking. Referral marketing. Branded products in high demand. Software products.
  • Getting paid for completing marketing surveys. Social and market research companies.
  • Candle making. Handicrafts and essential oils supply.
  • Proof reading. Preparation and quality control of written materials.
  • Copy writing. Writing adverts and marketing materials.
  • Resume and CV writing to a professional standard.
  • Website creation and blog posting.
  • Graphic design services: Cards, invitations, logos, pamphlets.
  • Neighbourhood services. Child care. Meetings. Buy and sell.
  • Auctions. eBay and Amazon.com selling.


Do please watch the associated video of The Top 30 Best Small Business Ideas for Women & Men, in this modern, digital age. They say you should ‘turn your passion into profits.’ This well-motivated approach to an Internet small business would suit musical services, such as tuition courses on how to play the guitar, piano, saxophone or flute.

Writing courses about how to write a novel and get it published, would also be contenders for this ‘business of passion’ category. How to use Amazon’s kindle e-Book self-publishing online service. How to become a New York Times Bestselling Author. These titles are very much in demand in the digital marketing space of 2017 and onwards.

You are only limited by your imagination in these work at home endeavors and enterprises. You can discover and expand upon The Top 30 best small business ideas for women & men in 2016 right here, today, by watching the informative video provided by our Internet business partners.   🙂

The Editor, Geoff Dodd



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  1. geoffnow

    Men and women alike can start small businesses on The Internet. Especially in this exciting Digital Age. Start by following your musical and artistic interests … what are you really GOOD at? Writing, communicating, matching people up? Or can you train people to get fit, lose weight, look beautiful, etc.?

    Household and child requirements are hugely demanded products. Can you write a children’s book? Design a new child’s toy or sew clothes for babies? Run a child-care center or give advice for parents on a Web site?

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