Looking for small business ideas in India? Then you’re in luck. Here are the Top 20 best small business ideas to start a small business in India. Also, watch our other best business videos on this home business Website …

Do you live in or around Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay? Or in Kolkata or up in New Delhi?

The Internet is still the best place for you to think about an India start-up, wherever in India you’re located. The set up costs are very low. The profit margins can be much larger, especially if you increase the lifetime value of each customer you serve!


Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas in India to Start a Small Business



Bangalore Universities are currently turning out thousands of IT graduates. These IT experts can start their own Internet operations. Some go to work in Mangalore, New Delhi, Calcutta and in Mumbai. Still, hundreds of others are head hunted and hired by Microsoft Corporation and Google Ltd in The United States of America. There’s a worldwide demand for highly skilled computer programmers. C++ and Visual Basic and Cobol, PHP, and Javascript, as well as Java, computer programmers are needed for Web-based applications. HTML 5.0 and CSS coding skills are also prerequisites for Internet development work.

People in India can watch this, and other videos to determine exactly how they want to find regular work online. Some work will be outsourcing tasks, such as SEO, link building and graphic design jobs for companies based in Europe and in The USA.

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Calcutta (Kolkata), Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, as well as Bangalore, all have new start-ups in this lucrative online business field. As at November 2, 2016. Many small business startups are led by young university students who are still actively studying IT courses.

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  1. geoffnow

    Indian IT students may be studying computer engineering and software development. Essential programming skills are in high demand in the USA and in Europe. Microsoft Corp. is a big employer in this regard. Some IT students are tempted into trying their own startup Internet enterprises. Many success stories are available online. Two come to mind: Cyril Gupta and Anik Singal. Anik is an Indian-American businessperson and film producer. He owns Lurn, Inc. Anik has made tens of millions of U.S. dollars. You, too, can do this on The Internet.

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