Start a Small Business and make passive income with our 10 Best Online Business Ideas. Best business ideas for starting small businesses on The Internet in 2017. The video shows you these concepts to inspire and motivate you. Small Online Business …

Skills required to operate a Small Online Business profitably in 2016 to 2017 include: …

  1. Copy Writing. You need writing skills in English. Preferably persuasive writing, hypnotic copy writing and a thorough understanding of guerrilla marketing tactics and strategies.
  2. Advertising and Marketing skills. How to target a demographic group and a specific market segment. The mix. Message to Market match. Speaking in the language used daily by your target market.
  3. Computer Skills. How to highlight text, copy and paste it, using keyboard controls:  ctrl + A; ctrl + C; ctrl + V.  That is, using the Windows PC keyboard.
  4. Website and Blog Building. Using the WordPress CMS or ‘content management system.’ Adding posts and pages in the CMS. How to add images with ‘alt’ text and hyperlinks.


Start a Small Business Online


Please watch the video supplied on this blog page. It will help you to uncover exactly the 10 Best Online Business Ideas. The start-up advice you will need to begin earning substantial extra income, generated right here on The Internet. Start your small business here. No charges to you. It’s Christmas of 2016 already. You can’t wait to get started. I know.


The Editor, Geoff Dodd