Welcome to My 1 Dollar Business. This is┬áNOT just about getting a flash new house, a fast car and a boat. It’s ALSO about having time freedom and feeling safe, secure, balanced and comfortable in your new lifestyle!

“This is Genius! Nearly everyone can do it!”
– Kamaal W

“Most say YES! I’ve been praying for something like this!”
– Karen D

Nearly everyone has $1.00 and the system can take you
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1. the link is www.my1dollarbusiness.com

2. Referrer:

Geoffrey Dodd
ph: 64279615445
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One Response to “My 1 Dollar Business”

  1. Geoff's New York Startup Incubator

    Hi, I really love your WordPress site, about the My 1 Dollar Business. I wish I had thought of this idea first. A 1 dollar business is a brilliant small business idea. You could implement this simple idea in a large city like New York. Who could logically say no to risking just $1, and getting a whole, ready-to-go Internet based business?

    THIS is a genius small business idea. It could grow like wildfire. I am sure it will. We could use this idea and system back in New York City. In fact, other large U.S. cities like Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago should jump on the bandwagon and join this enterprise right now. Today!

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