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Small home office equipment, tools, and furniture to get you started in your home based business. A great and comfortable computer chair is a must. Then, decide to focus on your marketing. That impacts the bottom line of profit for you. Become a super promoter at heart.

It pays off to get comfortable, then to seek out a system that brings you more prospects, more leads automatically, into your small home office based Internet marketing business.

We’ve decided to flat out GIVE you a marketing system that works gangbusters. Why? Life is short and we want you to come quickly to the experience of Internet marketing SUCCESS.

The gifted system is known as My Funnel Empire. It’s an ingenious, pre-hosted platform fresh out of Minnesota, USA. Grab your complimentary home office version. There are no obligations or catches to this offer. You’ll be able to gather in highly targeted business leads. At the same time, you’ll be making generous affiliate commissions on digital products!

My Funnel Empire is a win-win-win. Good for me. Great business for you. A gift you can give away to unlimited business start-ups anywhere around the World. It is a funnel design. You see, you’ll be asked to activate different levels within the funnel system. The more levels you activate, the better it is for you! (The more money you’ll make, automatically!)

So get your comfortable office chair really close to your laptop or desktop computer. Make sure your small home office is organized and efficient to work in. Keep your home office tidy at all times.

Then simply visit Bryan and myself here to receive your complimentary version of the highly profitable marketing system, My Funnel Empire.

Home office tip:

With over 1.13 BILLION daily active users, Facebook is the best place online to get your traffic and leads. Start a business fan page at Facebook. Give away something of high interest and irresistible VALUE.

Remember, with our hi-tech funnel system working daily out of your small home-based office, just one active referral can make you a small fortune. Working the funnel, known as MyFunnelEmpire com, you can collect a lot of Clickbank affiliate commission checks.

That will fill the in-tray on your office desk, as you sit, smiling in your comfy office chair. Just as you see in the picture, above.

Thanks for reading this far in my home business residual income blog. Make sure you grab access to MyFunnelEmpire com at no charge, ever, to you!

The Editor, Geoff Dodd


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The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle


Here is Russell, an entrepreneur in his new home office, working on The Internet as a writer and a marketing professional. His work space is organized into clear areas for a quick reach and fast productivity.

You can search The Internet for productive systems, all day long. You need to be privately invited into this specially designed one: MFE.

Working from home in the small business enterprise. Russell chose to use the amazing, free marketing funnel you can get at My Funnel Empire. He suddenly started getting floods of unexpected commission checks from into his small home office!

Way to go, Russell. Thanks for joining us.  The entrepreneurial lifestyle has certainly become rewarding for you. Keep climbing your mountain. Never, ever, give up. (He won’t now that he’s tasted financial success!)

Geoff Dodd

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Start a Small Business and make passive income with our 10 Best Online Business Ideas. Best business ideas for starting small businesses on The Internet in 2017. The video shows you these concepts to inspire and motivate you. Small Online Business …

Skills required to operate a Small Online Business profitably in 2016 to 2017 include: …

  1. Copy Writing. You need writing skills in English. Preferably persuasive writing, hypnotic copy writing and a thorough understanding of guerrilla marketing tactics and strategies.
  2. Advertising and Marketing skills. How to target a demographic group and a specific market segment. The mix. Message to Market match. Speaking in the language used daily by your target market.
  3. Computer Skills. How to highlight text, copy and paste it, using keyboard controls:  ctrl + A; ctrl + C; ctrl + V.  That is, using the Windows PC keyboard.
  4. Website and Blog Building. Using the WordPress CMS or ‘content management system.’ Adding posts and pages in the CMS. How to add images with ‘alt’ text and hyperlinks.


Start a Small Business Online


Please watch the video supplied on this blog page. It will help you to uncover exactly the 10 Best Online Business Ideas. The start-up advice you will need to begin earning substantial extra income, generated right here on The Internet. Start your small business here. No charges to you. It’s Christmas of 2016 already. You can’t wait to get started. I know.


The Editor, Geoff Dodd

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Looking for small business ideas in India? Then you’re in luck. Here are the Top 20 best small business ideas to start a small business in India. Also, watch our other best business videos on this home business Website …

Do you live in or around Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay? Or in Kolkata or up in New Delhi?

The Internet is still the best place for you to think about an India start-up, wherever in India you’re located. The set up costs are very low. The profit margins can be much larger, especially if you increase the lifetime value of each customer you serve!


Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas in India to Start a Small Business



Bangalore Universities are currently turning out thousands of IT graduates. These IT experts can start their own Internet operations. Some go to work in Mangalore, New Delhi, Calcutta and in Mumbai. Still, hundreds of others are head hunted and hired by Microsoft Corporation and Google Ltd in The United States of America. There’s a worldwide demand for highly skilled computer programmers. C++ and Visual Basic and Cobol, PHP, and Javascript, as well as Java, computer programmers are needed for Web-based applications. HTML 5.0 and CSS coding skills are also prerequisites for Internet development work.

People in India can watch this, and other videos to determine exactly how they want to find regular work online. Some work will be outsourcing tasks, such as SEO, link building and graphic design jobs for companies based in Europe and in The USA.

Recommended work for keen, startup Indian entrepreneurs is getting fat $US commission cheques from Clickbank. How do you get started? First, you join free at where you’ll find reliable online income at the touch of a button. It works quickly, so you’ll see results sooner. Then make sure you also start a free affiliate account at

The activation of your MFE account, above, is easy. Then, you can build an emailing list, using the lead capture abilities of the funnel marketing system given free to you at MyFunnelEmpire.

Earn while you learn. Get multiple streams of Clickbank affiliate commissions. Once activated, the World’s your oyster!

The trick is to give, give, and share your M.F.E. funnel system out to many hundreds of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. You will become the expert in your social group, at global affiliate marketing.

Calcutta (Kolkata), Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, as well as Bangalore, all have new start-ups in this lucrative online business field. As at November 2, 2016. Many small business startups are led by young university students who are still actively studying IT courses.

The IT Editor, Home based businesses.





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Are you looking for a small business idea? Here are 50 Small Business Ideas from Home. These businesses are easy to start from home. Hope you liked our other videos on the same topic …

Fifty (50) Workable Projects and Strategic Marketing Ideas


“Wow! I was impressed when I watched your video of the fifty best ideas for a home business! Man!”

I mean a whole fifty projects. See more information below:


Best option:

Take a look at this Bryan Winters video. Man, that guy knows how to make money on The Internet. See those incredible results he’s been getting?

You, too, can easily do this. How? Well, Bryan is giving away his Marketing Funnel Business to you!

Go visit Bryan at the above link. Accept his awesome, irresistible offer. Activate it as far as you possibly can. Hint: the further you activate your Funnel System, the more money you will make in commissions!

The more you promote the funnel system, the more you share it out with your friends, internationally — the better you will do in the LONG TERM.

  1. Accept the offer. Make U.S. dollars.
  2. Promote your special, coded ID link.


That’s IT. All you have to do to attain Internet success……


The Editor, Fifty Workable Marketing Projects. 50 Marketing Ideas That Work in 2017.


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Get Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas in India. These 20 small business ideas for Small Investment & Start-ups Without Investment in India: Country. Legitimate businesses for development in Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi regions and cities.

Part 2 … India: Politics:  Prime Minister Modi:

Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India, in office since 26 May 2014. ~ Wikipedia : source

“As a child, Modi helped his father sell tea at the Vadnagar railway station, and later ran a tea stall with his brother near a bus terminus.”

“During Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister, Gujarat topped the World Bank’s “ease of doing business” rankings among Indian states for two consecutive years.”

Therefore, it is very clear that the current Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, understands the needs of small businesses. Gujarat State was easier to do business in, with less red tape. (A problem for start-ups of bureaucratic red tape and paperwork in India.)

The associated video here may help Indian entrepreneurs with their initial planning of an India business start-up, especially in the larger Indian cities, such as Calcutta and Mumbai. Service industries with low capital outlay are expected to do well and become profitable sooner, in Mumbai and Calcutta. It’s a reflection of the demand for services, where population levels (densities) are highest. Examples include transport and fast food services, hairdressers, electronic repair services, mobile phone suppliers and data analysis services.

The hottest and trending ideas to starting up a small home-based business in these cities of Kolkata and Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore, necessarily must include Internet businesses. One reason is that IT students, particularly University Of Bangalore IT Students, are so ‘in touch’ with The Internet that their adaptability augurs well and is obviously going to be a huge benefit for any enterprise starting out with online and Web-based ambitions!

On the home front, you can startup a specialized e-Commerce store, catering to a tightly targeted market niche, or, you can think globally and market online to a broader niche group of prospective customers. Some have found more success targeting people in the U.K., Canada, and the U.S. It also does depend a lot on the specific product or service that you are passionate about and are offering, online.

One extremely successful approach is to focus on list building. For this, you need a funnel, or at the very least, a lead capture page. Some marketing funnels go deeper to offer people more, in the way of online business training. One such funnel system has a free entry level. It also lets you earn commission cheques from sales in the back end.

That way, you are learning while you are earning. Gathering in a solid extra income, while also building an email marketing list. If you’d like a free version to try out for yourself, please visit here.


The Business Editor. India Enterprise Opportunities. G&G Creative.




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The question is: How to find the very best small business ideas? I want to know all the workable small business startup ideas for starting my Internet business. Top 10 Online Business Ideas That You can Start Quickly … see this new video


How To Make Money On The Internet


Learning the tactics and strategies of precisely how to make money on The Internet in 2017 can get challenging!

You could start fast by accepting the gift offer of a MFE Funnel System. These marketing funnels are truly amazing. Why? They perform several functions, including:

  1. Lead capture of names and email addresses
  2. Targeted list building
  3. Making sales of digital products
  4. Earning you regular, fortnightly income from Clickbank



Test out these pre-made affiliate marketing funnels, for free. All you will need to do is to ACTIVATE your funnel through Steps 1, 2 and 3.

Get started here with your free MFE Marketing Funnel


The writer has been using this exact system since 24th May, 2016. His leads captured are in the hundreds. Commissions paid are around the $1,000 level. It really works well. Even, if you hardly promote it. However, it is recommended that you do promote your MFE marketing funnel really hard and frequently.

The Small Business Editor and Coach


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A wide collection of The Top 30 best small business ideas for women & men in 2016. Best business ideas for small business startup in 2016. Read more for more juicy details …

The Top 30 Small Businesses for modern, Internet-connected men and women, include:

  • Dating services provider. Matching people, couples, or as an affiliate provider of same. People will always want to meet up and match with the opposite sex.
  • Weight loss clinic. There is an insatiable demand for metabolism-increasing stimulants, for diet plans, and for specialized, specific foods.
  • Exercise and fitness information and coaching.
  • Specialized online retail stores: electronics, mobile phones, beauty products, babywear and household goods, etc.
  • Home-based businesses: affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, and networking. Referral marketing. Branded products in high demand. Software products.
  • Getting paid for completing marketing surveys. Social and market research companies.
  • Candle making. Handicrafts and essential oils supply.
  • Proof reading. Preparation and quality control of written materials.
  • Copy writing. Writing adverts and marketing materials.
  • Resume and CV writing to a professional standard.
  • Website creation and blog posting.
  • Graphic design services: Cards, invitations, logos, pamphlets.
  • Neighbourhood services. Child care. Meetings. Buy and sell.
  • Auctions. eBay and selling.


Do please watch the associated video of The Top 30 Best Small Business Ideas for Women & Men, in this modern, digital age. They say you should ‘turn your passion into profits.’ This well-motivated approach to an Internet small business would suit musical services, such as tuition courses on how to play the guitar, piano, saxophone or flute.

Writing courses about how to write a novel and get it published, would also be contenders for this ‘business of passion’ category. How to use Amazon’s kindle e-Book self-publishing online service. How to become a New York Times Bestselling Author. These titles are very much in demand in the digital marketing space of 2017 and onwards.

You are only limited by your imagination in these work at home endeavors and enterprises. You can discover and expand upon The Top 30 best small business ideas for women & men in 2016 right here, today, by watching the informative video provided by our Internet business partners.   🙂

The Editor, Geoff Dodd



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Small Capital Business Ideas


How to Start your own business with Small Capital? Low investment or even no investment business options include this one, MFE. Here you can watch a video of The Top 10 Profitable Small Business Ideas with Small Capital. Also, check the top 10 Best Online Businesses …

Home based businesses are best when all the startup and operating costs are low… such as with M.F.E. (link access is above.) The whole marketing system is ready-made for you!

The first goal of MFE is to build you a mailing list of targeted prospects. That’s a worthy, and highly profitable goal. The second goal of MFE is to deliver you a stream of affiliate check payments, either fortnightly or monthly, depending on the product offers that you want to represent.

So join up with our free funnel offer. It is the small capital, low investment startup option that you’ve been waiting for. It is simply perfect as an Internet-based, small office solution for making money from the security of your own home.

I have spoken with the designer and founder of MFE. In fact, I have worked as a Facebook Page administrator for him, for several, highly lucrative years. My own home-based business has rocketed ahead, as a direct result of this business partnership, or association.

You will find a high quality, innovative, PHP software platform is the basis and robust foundation of MFE. It is self-replicating and created ‘on the fly’ as we say in the Internet software business. Your affiliate ID’s will be carried far and wide across The Internet when others accept your free offer of a powerful marketing funnel gift. Just as I am giving you a free funnel gift, right now!

So start-up your small business with very low capital or practically no investment at all. How? By simply accepting my gift to you. What is it? It is the gift of a ready to go, marketing funnel right here. Start your low capital business today!

The Editor, Geoff Dodd