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And not only that... but would you like to KEEP your top ranking for many years after you get it? See, that's the problem with many search engine tactics these days. If you finally do manage to get a top ranking, you'll likely lose that ranking shortly thereafter.

Heck, to be quite frank, this sucks. This is not what anyone wants to happen to their website and business, especially after putting forth all that work to get the top ranking in the first place. Now, let me let you in on a little secret. It's actually not that difficult to get a website to the top of the search engines AND keep it there, with very little, if any "maintenance work" after you claim the #1 position.

The secret is to get lots of high quality, high page rank websites to link to your website. While that in and of itself isn't really a huge secret, what I can tell you is that we've figured out a way to easily, and almost instantly get over 1,700 super high quality, 1 way links to point to our website(s) in less than an hours time. No kidding! And best of all, it takes very little work.

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There are some rather good website directory submission software products on the 'Net market. The best of these is a product called Directory Submitter created by Brad Callen. To work it, you simply enter your website details into the software program once, and then click on any of the 1,700+ website directories in the software and it will automatically fill in all of the submission forms for you. Next: Click the submit button and then your site has been instantly added to the website directory.

So for increasing search engine ranking levels in Google, Yahoo! and MSN, this new tool brings
the search engine ranking specialist Brad Callen right to your windows desktop and boosts your rank positions - quickly. In summary then, this is a highly affordable search engine ranking tool
designed to effortlessly produce high search engine positioning of your niche web site.


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Geoff Dodd
Perth, Australia

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