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Earn residual income from 21+ countries on full automatic.. Government public service bureaucrats and politicians in the nation's capital city.

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Capital News! Canberra is Wide OPEN:
How You Can Now Join Geoff Under Top Leaders.. at the seat of Government,
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Global residual income from 21+ countries is just a few clicks away for you. Incredible things are happening.. opportunities are opening up at such a rate for people in the Australian Capital Territory in Canberra 1000, at the seat of government - and for New Zealanders, Americans and world citizens that the choices now available to you are absolutely mind-blowing.. so let me focus you in on my own best residual-earning program selections, when they absolutely, positively have to be top performers!

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Think about our nation's politicians and public servants at Head Office in the Federal Administration centre becoming a part of the plan. Just watch the MOVIE, above..

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Goji Australia

1. Who Else Wants To Make Money In The Australian Capital?

Imagine if you got all this commission! Heck, what would you do? Your mouth waters as you begin to picture it...
You can easily get all the pride, joy, health, money and success you want in this world!! Top networker compensation plan:
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The capital city of The Commonwealth of Australia is a planned city and is centred on the parliament building. It has a reputation for conservatism and for low sub zero temperatures in a chilly winter. It is inland and so its climate is not moderated by the warm sea, as are the climates of nearby Sydney, NSW and Brisbane, QLD.

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2. Geoff® Business Opportunity

Product: 1 litre bottle packed with 18 amino acids, more than 21 minerals,
22 polysacharrides including bioactive LBPs 1,2,3,4 and 500x the Vit.C w/w
that oranges have and more betacarotene than carrots! Packed with antioxidants.
Latin name is Lycium Barbarum. Berry has a history in Tibet of thousands of years!

It's nutritionally the most DENSE food on the Planet Earth.

What an OPPORTUNITY for Government public service bureaucrats and politicians in the nation's capital city. Their wives and spouses can earn some extra part time income!

"MY Canberra based GOAL IS TO CREATE EXTREME WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE"Earn income with us in this home business opportunity
FOR: our nation's politicians and public servants at Head Office in the Federal Administration centres, whether they're part of the Liberal Party, the coalition.. or the Labour Party. Whether they belong to Howard or Beazley, the House of Representatives or indeed are members of The Senate. Law makers.

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